HLA Database HELP

Supported browsers

This database supports Windows IE 6.0 and above, Safari 3.1 and above, and Firefox 2.0 and above.

About statistical data

When there is no description about chi-square statistics, fisher exact P-value is used. The standard asymptotic Hardy-Weinberg chi-squared test is used.

About database version

When there is no comments in study_details, dbSNP ver.130 and human genome build ver.hg18 are used. Alleles defined by each platform (supplied by Affymetrix, Illumina etc.) are used. Sometimes the genome strand of rs-number SNPs are reverse of these SNPs.

Copy number variation data is imported from http://projects.tcag.ca/.
Microsatellite data is imported from http://www.microsatellites.org/db_search.php.


If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to gwas at_mark biosciencedbc dot jp.

How To Use

Unless you wish to view other DAS data (such as UCSC, Ensemble) with our data, we recommend you to use "Browse GWAS results from Disease Name List".