Terms and Conditions of Data Access


gIntegrated Database Project - Disease Analysis DB Grouph (Lead by K. Tokunaga, University of Tokyo) (hereinafter, gDisease Analysis DB Grouph) is building the environment in which the human genome variation data are collected and made accessible to researchers in the gIntegrated Database Projecth, a research and development project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Although availability of the individualized data including the clinical data is beneficial in the re-use of data, these data contain such elements that may lead to identification of an individual research participant. Disease Analysis DB Group believes that compliance of the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions of Data Access by each person accessing the data provided at this website by using ID and password (hereinafter, gData Userh) will prevent information leakage and promote valuable research without violating the privacy of any individual.

For this purpose, Data User must agree to the following terms and conditions when using the data.


1. Data Use for Research Purposes

Use of the data is only allowed for research purposes.


2. Responsibilities of Data User

When using the data, Data User must treat the data as confidential and observe that Data User must:

Enot use the data for identification of an individual;

Enot re-distribute or transfer the data (and not store the data on the website or FTP server);

Eensure security of the data (and implement measures to prevent loss of printouts and loss or theft of media containing the data);

Eensure security of the computer and network on which the data are used (and take steps to prevent theft, data leakage, unauthorized access to the data by a third party);

Esafeguard the ID and password necessary for data access and refrain from sharing them with a third party;

Ecompletely delete/dispose of all the data (including derived data) when use of the data is finished;

Eimmediately notify Disease Analysis DB Group (Contact address: gwas@biosciencedbc.jp) and take appropriate steps by following its instructions if the data may have leaked to the outside;

Enot acquire patent based on the information directly derived from the data alone; and

Einclude acknowledgements to the data provider and Disease Analysis DB Group when publishing a paper to report a research in which the data is used.


3. Publication of Data Use Status

Any statistical information concerning the status of data use and any information concerning publications on researches using the data may be published by Disease Analysis DB Group.


4. No Warranty and Disclaimer

The data provider and Disease Analysis DB Group do not warrant correctness, reliability, validity or rationality of the data.