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Calculated methods:

CNVs of 160 normal Japanese individuals are calculated by following methods using affymetrix 6.0 data conducted by Tokunaga lab. in Univ. of Tokyo.

  Affy6_norm_bird: Caluculated results using BirdSuite (Korn et al, nature genetics, 2009)
  Affy6_norm_DNAcopy: Calculated results using DNAcopy (Venkatraman and Olshen, Bioinfomatics, 2007)
  Affy6_norm_CGHseg: Calculated results using CGHseg (Picard, et al., BMC Bioinformatics, 2005)
  Affy6_norm_PennCNV: Calculated results using PennCNV (Wang, et al., Genome Research 2007)
 bird1, DNAcopy1, CGHseg1: No threshold.  bird2, DNAcopy2, CGHeg2: CNVs including over two individuals are shown.
  Quantile normalization was used before DNAcopy and CGHseg.

About "With clustering":
  In the clustering caluculation, when start and end potisions of CNVs are within 10 probes difference and within 0.1Mb, CNVs are regarded to belong to a same cluster.

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