About Case Control GWAS Database


  This genome wide association database (GWAS DB) is a repository system and has been constructed to achieve permanent data management and information sharing of genome wide association data. GWAS-DB contains experimental frequency data such as allele frequencies and genotype frequencies, and statistical genetics analysis results such as allelic model, dominant model, recessive model, and additive model and provides graphic viewer to search disease related SNP candidates. Currently GWAS DB contains GWAS results of several reseach laboratories.   This database has been constructed under cooperation between Tokyo Univ., Tokyo Univ. Hosp., Tokai Univ, and Hitachi Ltd.
  We greately appreciate your GWAS data submission. Contact:gwas at_mark biosciencedbc dot jp.

Reference: Koike, et al., Genome-wide association database developed in the Japanese Integrated Database Project, J. Hum. Genet. (2009) 54, 543-546.

  Some of the information presented in this database are based on the data publicized primarily from other databases. Such collaborating databases include GeMDBJ (Genome Medicine Database of Japan) supported by National Institute of Biomedical Innovation (NiBio).

  This work has been supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.