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 2016/04/01 Variation Data were added to Human variation DB.
 2015/03/20 Variation Data were added to Human variation DB.
 2013/Jul/02 Shizophrenia trio's case-control data were opened.
 2013/Jun/30 Alzheimer's disease case-control analysis results were opened.
 2013/Mar/20 Variation Data extracted from literatures were added to Human Variation Database.
 2012/Jul/01 Human Variation Database were opened.
 2011/Dec/01 CNV association data of Panic disorder were opened.
 2011/Dec/01 CNV association DB was opened.
 2011/Nov/01 Data for HCV with/without decrease of PLT in response to PEG-IFN/RBV treatment were opened.
 2011/Nov/01 Data for HCV with/without RBV-induced anemia under PEG-IFN/RBV treatment were opened.
 2011/Apr/01 This PJ was restarted as a part of "Database Integration Program" of JST, which is a sebsequent PJ of "Japanese Intergrated DB PJ" of MEXT.
 2010/May/10 HSP mutation database and ALD mutation database were opened.
 2010/Apr/30 Human Genome Variation Research Database (HGVRD) Sharing Policy was revised.
 2010/Mar/19 Parkinson mutation database was opened.
 2010/Jan/18 CNV control database was opened.
 2009/Dec/01 Human Genome Variation Research Database (HGVRD) Sharing Policy was opened.
 2009/Dec/01 ALS mutation database was opened.
 2009/Nov/26 Data for virologic response vs. null virologic response to pegylated interferon-alpha and ribavirin therapy for chronic Hepatitis C were opened.
 2009/Jan/05 Panic disorder case-control data were opened.
 2008/Oct/01 Narcolepsy case-control data were opened.
 2008/Aug/27 Cerebral aneurysm case-control data were opend.
 2008/Aug/26 GWAS-DB and SNP-DB were launched. The case-control data of 5 diseases, 6 studies were stored.

Database Integration program

This database integration program has been going for arrangement data of life science as integrated database enterprise of JST. That project is a subsequent PJ of "Intergrated DB PJ" in MEXT and has been going for three years from 2011.

Integrated DB-PJ Medical Cure

 In Medical School, the University of Tokyo, the National Institute of Genetics, and Hitachi Ltd., we constructed GWAS-DB to promote to manage the genome-wide association analysis data permanently and to research disease gene by sharing information among researchers, that is started in 2007 as part of the intedrated database project of MEXT. Furthermore, we developed mining tool and database structure of disease related gene information from resequence and associated clinical information with a central focus on neurological disease. From Jan 2012, we will launch "human genome variation database" for accumulating all kinds of variations detected by various experimental techniques including next generation sequencers.

We greatly appreciate your GWAS data and/or variation data submission. Contact: gwas at_mark biosciencedbc dot jp.